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$25,951 would be saved by the typical American family using ourLibra over 20 years.

The typical American family is drowning in over $137,000 of debt and has just $5,000 in retirement savings.

You need to make smart decisions about your savings and debt – we’ll show you how.

ourLibra is designed by professionals to help you best manage your finances.

Easily Link All Your Accounts

Bank of America
Capital One
Wells Fargo

We work with over 3,000 banks, thrifts, and credit unions

Safe & Secure Transmission
We use 128-bit encryption to protect the transmission of your data to our site.
Prepare for Emergencies

Prepare for emergencies

We help you decide how much is right to put away for a rainy day fund.

Build your savings

Build your savings

Increase savings and investments based on where you are, and where you want to be going.

Get smart about debt

Get smart about debt

Figure out which debts are costing you the most, and whether it makes sense to pay it off or keep it.

Stay in the loop

Stay in the loop

We’ll alert you when we discover a better way to balance your money.


“ourLibra is the first real tool I have seen that delivers consistent, good advice for all. It’s very cleverly designed – I think most people will find its recommendations both clear and actionable.”

5 stars

Jeff R., Personal Wealth Manager

Link Accounts

You input some basic data and link your accounts.


We quickly show you how to optimize your assets and debt.


We then update your financial data regularly and look for possible improvements.


We notify you whenever a better allocation is possible.

Get Advice

You choose to follow our advice or change your preferences for next time.

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You can start getting help reducing your debt and increasing your savings today.

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Piles of Debt

The average American family has over $130,000 worth of debt – including nearly $16,000 in credit card debt.

10 yrs.

Long Repayment

At 15% APR and minimum monthly payments of $250, it would take over 10 years to pay off $16,000.


Savings Habit

Nearly 40% of Americans have NO money in savings, and 20% have less than $1,000 saved.

Many Americans in debt are focused on getting completely out of debt. That’s a great goal – but is it right for everyone? We believe in maximizing your wealth, and we’ll work with you to optimize the way your money is spread across savings, assets and debt. We call this “Financial Balance.”

Moreover, think about the following…

Does your system allow you to build savings?

If you or you loved ones encounter a sudden job loss or medical emergency, you could go into even more debt – wiping out your hard work and going back to square one.

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Do you see the big picture?

Some financial advisors suggest you pay your debt by eliminating minor expenses like morning coffee, but what if you could save more by being smart rather than only being cheap.

Is all debt created equal?

We don’t think so. We’ll show you the debt you can relax about – so you can focus on putting money into your savings and retirement fund.

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Get Smart About Your Money

ourLibra uses a set of financial models developed by wealth management and banking professionals to automatically analyze your finances and help you understand what kinds of adjustments can be made to help you save money or cut down on debt.

We believe that everyone deserves access to quality financial advice, so we’re using the power of automation to give you advice that normally costs thousands of dollars a year, or comes with strings attached.

Computer with Graphs

Automated Financial Advice

Just like a human financial advisor, ourLibra takes a look at all your finances – credit cards, checking accounts and investments – in order to give you the most complete and balanced advice possible.

The Benefit of Experience

Our team is composed of highly seasoned banking professionals. We know what optimized finances look like, and we know what realistic steps you can take to get there.

Clear and Transparent

Our goal is to provide the best possible advice to anyone who needs it, period. That means no hidden fees, no profiting off of your information, and no hidden agenda.

Always There For You

Whenever you log in, ourLibra will be ready with up-to-date advice that reflects the value of your accounts and the goals you have set.

Advice on Phone

Let's Get Started

You can start getting help reducing your debt and increasing your savings today.

Try ourLibra for free!

Link Accounts

Easy Link allows for automatic transferring of information from over 9,000 financial institutions in the U.S.

Manual Accounts

Other institutions, loans, and investment accounts can be manually added in minutes.

Data Security

Your information is safe. We use bank-level security to protect your sensitive personal information.


“It’s basically like having a friendly grandpa who lives on your phone and is always watching out for your money. Before this, I was basically just Googling whenever I had a question about stuff.”

- Susan G., CA


“This app is a lifesaver, and linking your bank accounts and loans is pretty easy, too. I’ve been using it to decide how much I should have in savings.”

- Brad C., NY


“I was pretty used to paying my cellphone bill, rent and college loans every month so I didn’t think I would need something like this. But ourLibra helped show me that I needed to work more on paying off some of my credit card debt quickly rather than focusing on my lower interest rate loans, even though they were bigger. That was super helpful and actually something I kind of hadn’t realized.”

- Janelle S., VA

ourLibra Monitoring

George Mathew is a financial services veteran, having worked in finance for over 20 years with over $20 billion worth of deals at firms such as Morgan Stanley and Salomon Brothers. On Wall Street, George was part of a team that worked around the clock to help corporations manage their debt and maximize their investments. During this time, he came to realize one simple fact: most ordinary Americans get lousy financial advice.

In order to tackle this issue, George taught himself to code and started developing ourLibra as a tool for friends and relatives to help manage their finances. ourLibra works the same way a financial advisor does, by checking the following:

What debt is costing you the most, and when should you work to pay it off?

How can you rebalance your assets to earn higher returns?

Are you setting aside a “rainy day fund” for use in emergencies?