Financial Models

How do well-run companies make major financial decisions?

They use customized financial models, built in-house or by their investment bankers, to help turn complex financial situations into clear, logical scenarios that help them decide which options are better than others. These models also help them understand the risks and assumptions involved with achieving the scenarios' outcomes. During our careers of building such financial models and helping companies make sense of complex financial situations, the same thought remained: "How much better off would many people be if they had access to similar models and analysis to help them make important financial decisions?"

Not All Situations Are the Same.

Of course, any recommendation from an automated program is only as good as the assumptions you provide. You must think through the logic of the scenarios and outcomes covered and decide if it makes sense for you. There's very little in the world of finance that is "rocket science" (and you probably should stay away from that small part that is). An advisor or salesperson should be able to explain financial products to you in clear, simple English that is relatively easy to follow and understand. If they can't do so, they either don't really understand the product or they're trying to cheat you. Either way, stay away and find someone else to deal with.

Need Your Feedback.

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