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We are a team of programmers and former bankers dedicated to helping people from all backgrounds optimize their finances.

Let's face it - most people get lousy financial advice.

That's not going to change unless we automate the advice. Why? Because most people don't have enough in assets to properly compensate a financial advisor (FA). Good FAs are expensive. They typically get paid as a percentage of assets under management and/or sales commissions. Well, if you don't have much in the way of assets, don't be surprised if your FA is pushing sales. How else is the FA going to earn a decent salary? Also, without a lot of assets or sales, don't expect your FA to check on your financial situation regularly throughout the year.

That's why the advice needs to be automated.

By automating the advice, we bring down the costs significantly so there's no longer a big push for sales and your financial situation can be checked regularly. The process also becomes unemotional - it's now all about the numbers and what's right for you.

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