Approval Process and Payment Schedule

Our innovative process does not depend on traditional inputs such as a credit check, copies of bank statements, W-2s, references, etc. Here’s how our process works for a $2,500 loan:

Libra Loan Step 1

Start by simply linking your checking account to ourLibra and answering some simple questions. The application is quick and simple - no credit check needed.

Libra Loan Step 2

As a Premium Member of ourLibra, you'll receive financial alerts and be eligible for a Libra Loan. Membership is completely free if you log in at least 3 days per month. Otherwise, it’s $5.99 per month.

Libra Loan Step 3

If approved, we’ll deposit $120 into your checking account. Simply make your payments on time and, after two months, we’ll deposit another $880 into your account.

Libra Loan Step 4

If everything is going well after six months, we'll directly deposit $1,500 more into your account. In total, you'll receive $2,500.